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Multiple wiki hosting

MoinMoin supports hosting of multiple wikis within a single installed instance (with completely independant data stores). There are a number of reasons this is useful, including that it allows multiple wikis to be hosted with the minimum of storage space overhead - this is great when disk space is not readily available.

A description of how this is supported is available here: HelpOnConfiguration

This is fairly verbose so here's a summary of what needs to be done:

  1. Copy farmconfig.py from the share/config directory to the same directory as your wikiconfig.py configuration file.

  2. Rename your current wikiconfig.py to yourwikiname.py (See gotchas below)

  3. Edit the wikis list in your farmconfig.py with a patterns matching your wiki urls and the names of your prefix files

  4. Add new wiki configuration files and wikis entries (with the appropriate data directory created as per normal MoinMoin wiki building


A wikis example:

   1 wikis = [
   2     # wikiname,     url regular expression (no protocol)
   3     # Standalone server needs the port e.g. localhost:8000
   4     # Twisted server can now use the port, too.
   5     ("bjdeanwiki",  r".*/wiki/moin.cgi.*"),
   6     ("otherwiki", r".*/otherwiki/moin.cgi.*"),
   7 ]

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