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A long loooong time ago this chocolate fudge cake recipe came my way - very very tasty: /ChocolateFudgeCake

Anything with sumac is good, so how about:

Summer is upon us - how about another variation on Gazpacho Soup:

This looks pretty quick and tasty (Rick Stein's "Vegetarian curry with Indian cheese, tomatoes and peppers (paneer jalfrezi)"):

Gazpacho Soup - tasted great and lasted days in the fridge.

Pretty easy. Don't worry that the mix doesn't seem to want to mix. Ignore 'sift' rubbish. I beat the flour in and it was light and fluffy. Can use liquid from cherries instead of milk - use less sugar. Baked as a single pudding - more than double the cooking time. Also used brown sugar and it was really good.

Carrot cake cup cakes- made really fluffy yummy cakes.

This churros recipe was very simple and pretty tasty - could probably do with a little less sugar in the batter:

Might be worth a try. Butter Chicken from tomato soup :

Super tasty - very much in the style of a Lebanese meat pie (especially with some pine nuts and olive oil on top). The pastry feels very thin when it's being made but it turns out exactly right, and we pre-cooked the topping:

Sourdough starter:

Ginger and Spice cookies - very easy and very tasty -

Sourdough from Hugh:

This looks pretty good:

Pudding club in the Cotswolds Featured on a Countryfile podcast. was the girls favourite pudding - it sounds like lemon and sugar in a suet case :)

Avocado Mousse ('nuff said!):

Very tasty upside down pear cake. I was surprised at how dough like the mixture was but it worked well. Didn't use the extra baking powder and it was still light and fluffy. Also sugar mix didn't go light and cream and then was weird and lumpy but it still worked.

Searching for a soft cookie recipe - found this one accidentally looking for one that didn't need a mixer. A stick of butter is about 125gms. I did a half quantity version and it worked well. Very sweet with white chocolate and I'd even reduced the amount of sugar. Can probably do 2/3 of the sugar.

Very good and not too complicated satay recipe. Ends up with quite a light coloured sauce. Didn't have soy so used a bit of vegemite which might answer why.,6313

Watching "Stranger Than Fiction" and (as it would seem many others have done) though "Bavarian Sugar Cookies? They sound nice". Between suggestions that they do or don't exist I found this tasty looking recipe:

SBS Italian Food Safari - Ricotta Cheesecake - (/ItalianRicottaCheesecake)

good looking pork stew

Chinese dumplings for later on

Interesting looking Malaysian dish

Red Cabbage sauerkraut without salt and beer simmered bratwursts that sound really good. and another kraut recipe that could work

Japanese crispy chicken that looks really good

Chelsea buns - very very fine and made even better by adding a banana to the mixed fruit: (would also make very good apple buns)

Too much day time TV... Gluten free mexican from dodgy american TV show but it actually looked really good. Also helpful when wanting to feed gluten intolerant friends

Now that I'm back in a country where buying poppy-seeds isn't a near impossible task it's time for some Orange Poppy-seed cake - something close to this I think:

And another tasty looking dish - Rick Stein's egg, meatball and tomato tagine.

Tasty looking eggplant chinese recipe

Hmm - eggs eggs and more eggs - think it's time for some quiche thoughts...

Following the theme - another week another COFCO box and this time is was Celeriac - large, knobbly and darn tasty. We've hit a bit of dinner gold here by roughly dicing, frying in a pan and then roasting. Definitely a repeatable experience! (A friend recommends "boiled and then mashed or pureed works quite good too, with a bit of fresh ginger in the swede".

And now we've got some Kale from The Cambridge Organic Food Company. I'm feeling tempted to chop it up and get some caramelisation going on. Like Chard it should be used quickly, otherwise it becomes bitter. Though not overly readable this site has some interesting ideas.

Looks simple to do:

We received some Chard in our vege box from The Cambridge Organic Food Company - what to make? Apparently it can be treated more or less like spinach, and this recipe looks pretty good:

Rick Stein was cooking sausages and chestnut polenta in Corsica - here's one recipe I've found:

Alternately this recipe uses cream for the polenta...

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Lunches / Snacks

Quick and tasty muffin recipe - also a good launching point for any other savoury muffin mix ideas:

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