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General procedures


/!\ Before you update an existing wiki, MAKE A BACKUP!

You have been warned, and it's not our fault when you end up like this: X-(

There are two directory trees which you should backup:

The pathes depend on your installation.


Download the MoinMoin code that you are interested in updating to.

As root, run "python install" to install the new version.

Configuration update

After upgrading, your existing wiki should continue to work (the goal is to have sane defaults for any new config values, but then there can be bugs). Check that this is indeed the case, and then take the time to check the CHANGES file in your distribution. Often, new features will be invisible unless your extend your configuration in "" (1.3:

This is especially true for:

Updating files

Images and CSS
On every update, you should copy the content of the "share/moin/htdocs/" directory to the directory visible to your web server, normally a new release has some new images and CSS in it. If you use the default distutils setup scheme, this is no longer necessary (distutils updates the files for you, and your webserver gets the files from the installed images and CSS).
System pages
When upgrading to a new version, copy at least the help pages ("Help*") to your existing directory. Then check whether you miss any new system pages. In 1.3 these pages are kept separate in the underlay directory.
  • When updating from 1.2 or lower to 1.3 or higher, you will want to clean out the copies of the system pages in your wiki/data directory. All of these pages will now reside in the underlay directory. If you have system pages from 1.2 or lower in your wiki/data directory, they will overshadow the more up-to-date documentation. This can be done using the following manual procedure:

    1. You have just converted from 1.2 or lower to post-1.3.
    2. Go to your wiki's EditedSystemPages.

    3. Find all the pages that are MoinMoin system or help pages. You will know if it is one of those pages because it is not your page.

    4. Check if it is okay to delete by either:
      1. Using the this page "info" link and check the Revision History to see if it is greater than 1. If so, there are modifications, so do not delete the page and evaluate the modifications to see if they are necessary.
      2. Using your file browser (Windows Explorer, etc) to go to your wiki/data/<<systemPage>>/revisions directory and to see if there are no modifications. If there are, do not delete the page and evaluate the modifications to see if they are necessary.

    5. (If you have useful edits, please contribute them to the MoinMoin development.)

    6. Delete that wiki/data/<<systemPage>> using your file browser.

  • Japanese translation follows.
  • 1.2以前から1.3以降のアップグレードの際、wiki/dataディレクトリに置いた、システムページのコピーを削除した方が良い。これからこのページはunderlayディレクトリに置く。もし1.2以前のシステムページがwiki/dataディレクトリにある場合、最も最新システムページをかぶせてしまう。以下のとおり、手動の手順:

    1. 以前から1.3以降のアップグレードを行ったばかり。
    2. 自分のEditedSystemPagesを開く。

    3. MoinMoinのシステムやヘルプページなどを探す。そのページがシステムやヘルプページであることは、自分のページではないことで分かる。

    4. 削除する前の確認を行う。以下のどちらの方法とする:
      1. このページの「情報」をクリックして、「"更新履歴"を表示」のページでは更新回数が1以上のこと。そうだったら、変更はあるので、削除しないで、その変更の必要性を判断する。
      2. ファイルブラウザアプリケーション(Windowsエクスプロラーなど)で、自分のwiki/data/<<systemPage>>/revisionsディレクトリにたどりつけて、変更があることを確認する。そうだったら、変更はあるので、削除しないで、その変更の必要性を判断する。

    5. (有効な変更があれば、 MoinMoin developmentにぜひ与えてください。)

    6. そのページwiki/data/<<systemPage>>をファイルブラウザアプリケーションで削除する。


Check that you have the newest "intermap.txt" file; If you have your own entries, you can point "shared_intermap" at a file loaded before the file in your data directory, which takes precedence (i.e. have global entries in the shared one, private entries the data dir file).


A good idea is to do a request for "moin.cgi?action=test" (which calls an internal diagnosis feature) after you installed a new release, which will spot some common errors.

Depending on your installation, more tightly secured permissions are a good idea. Ideally, you assign all files in the data directory to the user the web server runs under, and then you use 700 or 755.

Upgrade information for specfic versions

The following sections provide information pertaining to specific versions of the software; if you jump several versions, read all the sections applying to your situation.

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 is the last to support Python 1.5.2, but some optional features (like statistics) already require Python 2.0.

Version 1.1

Be sure to read the above section on General procedures before you start upgrading.

Version 1.1 requires Python 2.0 or higher, we recommend to use Python 2.2 (version 2.2.2 if that is available on your host) or even better >= 2.3.2 (with 2.3.x, MoinMoin runs about 20-30% faster).

Upgrading your configuration

Enabling new features

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 requires Python 2.2.2 or higher, we recommend to use Python >=2.3.2 (with 2.3.x, MoinMoin runs about 20-30% faster).

Version 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3

As 1.2.x is primarily a bug-fix release for 1.2, there is not much special if you run 1.2 and want to update to 1.2.x.

If you run a version previous to 1.2, please read above about upgrading to 1.2 first.

In any case, read the CHANGES file in the toplevel directory of your moin archive - all fixes are described there and also some few new features.

Be aware that except code fixes, there were also fixes in the data and htdocs directory - so please selectively copy them over to your running wiki installation.

Version 1.3 and above

/!\ Upgrading to moin 1.3 will be non-trivial. It will definitely take you more than 5 minutes. /!\

This is because of many changes to configuration, data format, filenames and pathes.

In any case, make a backup or you risk destroying your wiki's content.

Please read the files CHANGES and README.migration in the toplevel directory of your moin archive for details on what changed and how to upgrade.

For this and greater versions, See MoinMoinUpgrade.

Deprecation Note

This page is deprecated (at least the version specific stuff on it), for 1.5 it will be gone and we will use CHANGES file exclusively.

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