Tue Sep 2 12:40:16 BST 2008

Comparing lists in a spreadhseet

I've recently been investigating comparions of lists within spreadsheets and needed to provide a process to a client, and thought I might try my hand at a screencast.

The spreadsheet being used is excel and I found that the Winows Media Encoder is provided by microsoft as part of the operating system license. There are several other options (Wink looks interesting) but this was a quick fix and did the job.

MATCH and ISNA are both supported by OpenOffice as well so the process should be exactly the same in calc.

Comment by: Bradley Dean at Fri, 26 Sep 2008 19:09:47 (BST)

The first screen cast (straight from Windows Media Encoder) worked but wasn't particularly non-windows friendly. I've taken the handily lazy step of pushing it up onto YouTube.

The quality is a bit reduced - if you're able to watch windows media files and you want to see the high-res version it's here.

Comment by: Bradley Dean at Thu, 4 Sep 2008 09:30:45 (BST)

I noticed this morning that there's an alternative approach which is more visual (probably not so useful for large lists but interesting nonetheless). Instead of filtering items out of a range this approach highlights entries with conditional formatting instead. It also uses the COUNTIF function.

The approach is described here: Comparing Two Lists With Conditional Formatting.

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