Bradley J. Dean

Victoria, Australia An up-to-date version of this resume is available here:

Phone: +61 413 014 395 Last Updated: 9 August 2013

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A broadly experienced Software Engineer practiced in all aspects of large and small scale project development. A readily accessible and responsive personality, prepared to tackle new and varied tasks with vigour and professional integrity.


  • Software Engineering Processes

    • Project Planning (Quality Assurance, Time & Resource Planning, Verification and Validation, Testing, Documentation)

    • Standards compliance

    • Accessibility aware design

    • Design Methodologies

    • Business Case planning and development

    • Risk Management – Identification, mitigation and resolution

    • Performance/Reliability monitoring and tuning

  • Personal Skills – readily interact with users, stake-holders and peers

  • Project Management – Development and planning of new projects

  • First Aid (Level 2 training) – First Aid Officer and Floor Warden

  • CFA Qualifications – Crew Leader, First Aid, Truck Driver (On- and Off-Road)


Operating Systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, MacOS X, MS Windows

Networking: Cisco LocalDirector, Alteon AceDirector, Squid Proxy

Languages: Perl, Python, Javascript/ECMAScript, SQL, Google Go, Omnimark (, XML, SGML, various shells, php

Service Monitoring: In-house monitoring systems, Nagios/Netsaint administration and custom modules development

Services: XML-RPC, SOAP, Apache (HTTP), FTP, TFTP, OpenSSH, Postfix, sendmail, bind, WEBDAV, search-engines (ultraseek, htdig, custom-built), web-frameworks (Catalyst, Django, Zope), jabber instant messenging, wikis, GIS, Weather, Cloud computing (provisioning and use of)

SysAdmin: Internet facing (and intranet) server administration, hardening, administration and updating. Hardware maintenance and troubleshooting. Redundant service design and deployment. Security auditing.


Authorisation Systems: NIS/NIS+, Radius, LDAP

Security: SSL Certificates (Client and Server-side), SSL, Data encryption (PGP, GnuPG), Server securiity (Firewall configuration, secure operating system configuration), System compromise detection (TripWire, AIDE)

Project Management: Microsoft Project and various open source equivalents

Miscellaneous: OpenOffice, Microsoft Office


Software Development / System Admin Consulting

2008 – ongoing

Since 2008 I have been consulting on various ongoing and short-term projects:

  • Victorian Electoral Commision (VEC) Electronically Assisted Voting auditing and testing

  • Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) weather, GIS and biological search

  • National Health Service: Sustainable Development Unit (NHS SDU) automated data gathering

  • BMW Motorcycle Club Victoria – reporting, system admin automation

  • Australian Mental Health Outcomes and Classification Network (ANHOCN) data cube / reporting


Senior Developer / Perl Consultant / Architect / Troubleshooter / Sysadmin Cambridge, UK 2008 - ongoing

  • Development, maintenance and troubleshooting of back-end applications

  • Front-end web development and troubleshooting (perl and php)

  • System resource troubleshooting and reduction

  • Perl usage consultancy

  • Web agent development

  • Data mining development and analysis

  • Linux server usage consultancy

  • ms windows server environment testing / development


Senior IT Analyst Programmer – Centrelink Project

Hermes Precisa Pty Ltd (HPA) Melbourne, VIC 2006 - 2007

  • Analysis, design, development and maintenance of Centrelink Project IT to satisfy client requirements and objectives.

  • Support analysis, development and problem solving for Medicare and Telstra projects

  • Supervision of dedicated project development team

  • Provided technical leadership for both Centrelink and other projects

  • Provide support to production / operations staff

  • Development using: UNIX/Linux shell, Perl (and OO Perl), SQL, Java, XML, C/C++, XSLT, Oracle PL/SQL, IBM Websphere MQ, Catalyst Web Framework

  • Supervision of development life cycle – including planning, design, documentation, testing, development

  • Direct customer support to resolve incidents and facilitate project work-flows

  • New technology analysis

  • Internal training support

  • 24x7 On-call planning and provisioning

November 2006 Employee of the Month

Senior Analyst Programmer Bradley Dean has impressed colleagues with his great work on a major client account. Bradley is always seeking improvements to the IT process: as well as his own proactive work in this area, he handles any suggestion or request promptly and without fuss. Bradley makes himself available no matter how busy he might be and is consistently polite and friendly under the toughest pressure and most unreasonable demands. He is persistent in his approach to problem-solving and works hard to achieve satisfactory client outcomes.


Web Applications Developer / Software Engineer

The University of Melbourne Melbourne, VIC 2000 - 2006

  • Project/System Planning and Development of Enterprise Systems:

    • Teaching and Learning Systems

    • Directory Services (LDAP, HTTP forms)

    • Network Services (Proxies, Quotas)

    • Data Search/Retrieval Services (Search Engine, Email/Phone Directory)

    • Web-services (XML-RPC, SOAP)

    • Web Infrastructure Services (Web hosting, Web Application development)

    • Document Management / Workflow Services (Handbook/Policy Documentation tools development)

    • System Integration (Cross system feeds and validation, web-services)

  • Development using: perl, python, omnimark (, c, java, SGML, XML, HTML

  • Proxy Project developed – designed to save about $40,000 per month

  • Regular contributions to steering/working group development of new projects and concepts

  • Regular professional consultation to faculties, departments and individuals within the university and the broader Australian education sector

  • 24x7 On-call planning and provisioning


Systems/Applications Support and System Administration

Ford Motor Company Broadmeadows, VIC 1999

  • Operation System support and administration of Silicon Graphics (SGI), Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems Unix workstations

  • Enterprise Application support (CAD/CAM/CAE and PIM systems)

  • Process improvement (streamlining maintenance processes - saving about $20,000 per year)

  • Asset tracking / maintenance

  • User support


Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) – Honours

The University of Melbourne 2001

Bachelor of Science (Physics)

The University of Melbourne 2003


Country Fire Authority (Firefighter)

CFA (Victoria) 2003 – ongoing


Rural fire/emergency response. Team work and professional practice/training in hazardous scenarios.


Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association 2001 – 2013


Web-service development (domain management tools for members), news service, public and private information maintenance.

Tai Chi / Internal Kung Fu Instructor

Cheng Ming Internal Kung Fu 2003 – 2008

Cheng Ming Internal Kung Fu training consists of internal body strengthening, discipline and control. Training includes continual learning and improvement and teaching the martial art to individuals and groups of students at varying levels of experience.


Icicles Ski Club 2004 – 2007


Ongoing website maintenance, ensuring standards compliant and accessibility. Development of in-house web-services.


Melbourne Perl-Mongers 2004 - 2006


Preparation of new association accounting processes and systems. Management of perl-mongers finances.


Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association 2001 – 2004


Administration of a national intervarsity organisation, including advisory roles for yearly intervarsity choral festivals having an average turnover of about $200,000.


Melbourne University Choral Society 1999-2000


Management of an organisation producing 3-4 major concerts per year (average turnover of $10,000 - $20,000) including financial planning, conflict resolution and inter-organisation liaising.



Cycling, Choral Singing, Skiing, Cooking, Swing Dancing

Other Business Interests

  • Cattle Stud – “Alto Angus” Stud