Serenity - by that I mean:

Here's a comment on the way the Serenity characters can be written:

If that were to go away, here's a bit of that chat which is helpful:

Chinese can be written in either direction, depending on aesthetics or logistics.

"Serenity" can be written many different ways. (Consider how many ways in English there are of saying serene - tranquil, peaceful, calm, etc.) Currently, there are two "official" logos. The first is the original logo from the series: 平静 is pronounced ping2jing4

The second is the newest logo from the movie: 宁静 is pronounced ning2jing4

There's also the much older 祇 (pronounced qi2), but I think that's rarely used.

For tattoos, make sure you get inked by someone experienced in Chinese writing; otherwise, you could end up with "virulent oyster" instead of "serenity" tattooed on ya.

This was also interesting:

And Firefly (according to Alta Vista) is: 螢火蟲

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